In Your Faces Cp Seals!!!!


The site is back up and under Mxg control. Thank you to Mark from wordpress who helped get the site back up! The battle for Mammoth is coming up on

Day- July 1

Time- 1:00 Pm

Server- Mammoth

Rooms- Ice Berg, Cove, Dojo

~ by braybon9 on June 30, 2008.

5 Responses to “In Your Faces Cp Seals!!!!”

  1. Hey, one of our captains cant make it, so we need it to be at 3:oo pst

  2. im here at Mammoth! yournot!

  3. Grr Conection lost.

  4. I could not make the battle because i was at some kind of Fair! No clue what it was called so….

  5. Only Dogb6 and Littlerockyr could make it so lets have the battle on another day. How about Independence Day? And it can be at 11:00 AM PST? How about that?

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