Cp Seals, this is Braybon9. I would like to sign a treaty with you please leave a comment below if you except.

The Treaty of MXG And Cp Seals…

The Mafia X gang and cp seals are now at peace an untied. Below are the following agreements to the treaty.

All Cp Seals members please comment below for exception.

Penguins who agree- Braybon9, Micro Nik,

Penguins who decline-

Note from Braybon9 to Micro Nik- If we unite, we can take on Mariankellos Army.

~ by braybon9 on July 1, 2008.

7 Responses to “Treaty”

  1. Never Herd of a Maikenollas or whatevur its called but…..THEYRE GOIN DOWN!!! Lets do it Braybon9!

  2. hey braybon, can you add me back to the users again? i got deleted!

  3. sergeant wurburt45348 reporting for duty (just add me as an admin again, i got deleted)

  4. kk

  5. thanx for adding me back as an editor

  6. guys we have a problem! ACP NOCHOS UMA and most of the other big armys have joind together to dictate over cp!!! I just joind our army into the cp shields so we can fight the ALIANCE! Thats what thay call them selfs.

  7. oops… im in uma! im a major so i wont quit.

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