Cp Seals Except!!!!

The Cp Seals have excepted our treaty! The Only bad news is I went to Mariekellos site and the first site was eather deleated or banned. He does not have an army any more! So lets take on the NACHOS! With our new and improved larger army we can take them down! MXG AND CP SEALS UNITE!!!

By Braybon9~

~ by braybon9 on July 8, 2008.

3 Responses to “Cp Seals Except!!!!”

  1. Go to http://thedefenseamry.wordpress.com and get all of the mafia x gang to join. We need your help to defend smaller armies from the ACP, Nachos, IM and UMA.

  2. its actually http://thedefensearmy.wordpress.com

    join, or the MXG will never be able to take over CP!

  3. I’ll just make u a member.

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