Servers we Control

This page is going to be getting an update

Here is a list of servers we control.

Note- Servers in Bold are our base servers. These are our main servers that we need to defend. Servers in italic are our back up base servers. The one server in Bold and italic is our main base server. We do not want to lose this server, but if we do, we will still fight!!!

American section-

Yeti– won in battle against Cp Seals on june 28

Blizzard- Claim Control

Slushy– Claim Control

Snow Globe- Claim Control

Snow Fort-Claim Control

Flippers- Claim Control

Husky- Claim Control

Crystal- Claim Control

Sub Zero- Claim Control

Sleet- Claim Control

Deep Snow- Claim Control

Freezer-Claim Control

Canadian Section-

Polar Bear– Claim Control

Chinook-Claim Control

Ice Pond- Claim Control

North Pole- Claim Control

Caribou– Claim Control

British Section-

Cold Front- Claim Control

Breeze– Claim Control

Frosty- Claim Control

Crunch– Claim Control

Snow Flake- Claim Control

Australian Section-

Outback– Claim Control

Brumby– Claim Control

Down Under- Claim Control

Big Snow- Claim Control

Beanie- Claim Control

Well thats the List we are fighting for the rest of the servers! Check back for updates!!

Made by Braybon9 on June 29, 2008.

9 Responses to “Servers we Control”

  1. So your one man army just walked into those servers and then said that you took it over?

    And would anyone believe that you would grow to be the most powerful army?

  2. I dont think u should be on our site

    PS: its not a one man army

  3. The only server you own is Yeti. You can’t just claim control of a server. This is like half the servers. If you want to take control of a server you have to defeat the army that currently owns the server and most of those armies are tough like the UMA, ACP and Nachos.

  4. sounds tough! NOT

  5. than we will battl those armys. NONE OF UR BUSINESS

  6. I know i will edit that page, this page was only for when we where fighting against the CP seals we now have a treaty and have untied!

  7. in response to bulb, just so you know have of Club Penguin’s Penguins are in ACP i was the first army every started (not counting Sanity Penguin’s Army)

  8. The thing is, you dont acually control them. Other armies have dibs on them too. You didnt fight for any server exept one.


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